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Every day on Facebook and Twitter I see people posting links to the iPlayer saying things like “listen to this – the bit you want is 1hr and 37mins in”. I’m not sure many people in the history of the world have bothered clicking the link and then scrolling through a three-hour show to find the right moment.

But you can easily amend an iPlayer link so that when someone clicks on it, they will be taken straight to the right bit.

How to do it

When you visit the episode page of the programme in question, the URL will look a bit like this.




That’s the link people usually share. All you have to do is add the below to the end of the URL, but change the zeroes to the appropriate hours, minutes and seconds:


So if you wanted to link to something which was 32 minutes and 20 seconds into the episode the URL would look like this:




Simple! And if you stuck that above link on Facebook or Twitter it will embed and preview exactly the same, but when clicked it’ll take you straight to the right place in the audio.

Keep this code handy. Replace the zeroes with the right timings.


Here’s an example. Click to hear a random fact about the link between CARP and LOVE: